The Complete Guide for Computer RAM

When building a computer or replacing parts, it can sometimes be confusing to know what is best, or what every specification means for a certain item. Components for computers are also always evolving with new abilities, speeds, and more. When it comes to RAM, understanding the specifics of their use and specifications can help you to make a more educated purchase when it comes time to build or replace.

Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, is a type of memory that holds and reads the data that your computer is currently using. It serves as a form of short term memory, as compared to long term memory such as a hard drive. By this, RAM stores the applications and systems that your computer is currently running, and they are volatile as they lose all their data when the computer is shut off. This is comparable to hard drives which store information even when the computer has no power. RAM is also much quicker than even the most powerful SSD, often surpassing their speeds by over 100x.

When picking RAM, there are a few numbers to understand to better know their differences. Storage size refers to the amount of applications that can simultaneously run on the stick, and unless you are doing heavy video rendering, 4-8gb is often more than sufficient for the average user. Speed is measured in Megatransfers per second, and DDR is an acronym for “double data rate”, referring to the fact that there are two transfers per clock. While speeds have surpassed 4000 with the newer DDR4 models, the performance increase slows down exponentially after surpassing 1600. Lastly, timing relates to the speed of each RAM stick, and it is important to note that the lower the number, the faster the speed.

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