D-Link EXO AC2600 (DIR-882) Wireless Router

The D-Link router has been greatly improved with their D-Link EXO AC2600 (DIR-882) wireless router. This router comes equipped with an easy to understand interface, a mid-range price tag and quick to read USB ports.

As far as performance goes, the DIR-882 can really hold its own. For a wireless router costing roughly $150.00 it does everything it needs to and more. The DIR-882 offers dual band Wi-Fi running at 800mbps for the 2.4GHZ band and 1733mbps for the 5GHZ band. Another reason this little guy is on the map, is because it is the first router that can handle hardcore data transfers through 160mhz bandwidth.

The selling point for this little guy was its ability to handle 4k gaming and streaming, a cut above the average 1080p capabilities. The four antennas, positioned on specific points on the top of the device allow for better access to signals and are extremely durable, despite their positioning.

Each port has been carefully placed on the wireless router, allowing the user easy access to the 3.0 USB port, 2.0 port and RJ45 ports as well as the on/off button. The software is easy to get the hang of and incredibly user friendly. There is a new feature that allows you to drag and drop information instead of manually putting everything into each section.

This means you have more control over what devices are using what bandwidth to ensure your systems are running nice and smooth. You can also auto connect devices to their respective portals to make sure a device isn’t eating away at the bandwidth, but this option can also be turned off if you wish.

Overall, this wireless router does incredibly well. It has one other competition on the market currently, the ASUS BRT-AC2600. While both routers have similar stats the real deal breaker is going to be the price. ASUS BRT-AC2600 is double the price of the DIR-882. If you’re looking for a router that can handle whatever you throw at it, the DIR-882 should be your top choice.

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