Seagate Attempts to Try and Revive Long Lasting Hard Drives

Best Hard drives seem to have become a thing of the past based on the popularity of mobile devices. These newer hand-held devices have the potential to perform almost everything that a hard drive can, but at a faster rate. While this continues to be a problem in the industry, Seagate has taken it upon themselves to fix this ongoing issue with their latest multi-actuator technology.

Digital Trends compares hard drives to ‘old-school record players’ by having arms with needles accessing data that the drive may have. For a clear picture both actuators act as arms and read data from a single point to be able to read twice information in the same time.   

With this strategy is how Seagate plans to have what Digital Trends call as a ‘Leap Frog’ Effect. Seagate’s plans to be able to move twice as much data with their newest technology but still lacks that ability to be able to be mobile.

Digital Trends give a more detailed description by statement that,

"The old-school SATA 3 connector used by bulky hard drives and 2.5-inch solid-state drives will always bottleneck performance. Its capable of moving data at up to 600MB per second, which you will never experience although 2.5-inch solid state drives can come close. Hard drives with platters that spin up to 7200 rotations per minute (RPM) can reach up to 160MB per second, and those that spin at 5400RPM are even slower."

Seagates hopes to create something more efficient for the industry. Improving the movement of data is one of the main goals that Seagates has and wants to capitalize on. For an example that Digital trends also refers to is being able to transfer data in two smaller files opposite to one large extensive file. 

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