How External Hard Drives Can Help You Protect Your Data

As businesses and home projects continuously shift in a digital direction, it is becoming ever more critical to ensure that important data is protected and kept safe. While many may have a robust security system in place to deter outside hackers and threats, such protection may not account for various damage and data corruption that can cause you to lose everything if backups are not regularly maintained. External hard drives are electronic data-saving devices that can help you protect critical files and programs, and learning how they work can be beneficial in setting up your data backups.

In general, an external hard drive is simply one that may store data outside of a computer, and they are often removable to allow for portability. Nowadays, such computer memory parts are fairly affordable, and they present an easy way to create a data recovery strategy for many applications. The process of creating backup data is simple as well, as most external hard drives will connect with a computer via a USB port and allow for “drag-and-drop” style movement of files akin to standard micro-usb data storage devices. Once you are finished transferring files, you may simply detach the hard drive, separating it from the system so it is protected from any malware, viruses, or other harm.Backup hard drives are not to be confused with internal hard drives, as a backup hard drive is not meant to be constantly connected. Backup data is also most often kept in a read-only state, meaning that it cannot be manipulated once a backup is established. This allows for a computer to read a backup and copy over its contents to overwrite damaged, lost, or infected data. With a backup hard drive, you may always ensure that you have a copy of your data for restoration.

With the cost efficiency of external hard drives and a plethora of availability from numerous computer memory manufacturers, they prove to be a beneficial backup solution for home computer owners and businesses alike. Many external hard drives will have a Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of around three years or more, meaning that they may present long-term storage as long as the external hard drive is kept safe from physical damages, moisture, extreme temperatures, and other conditions that may result in damages.

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