Need to Buy a New Graphics Card? You’re Better off Waiting

The rumors of more expensive graphics cards have come to fruition. If you’re in the market for a new graphics card because your old one finally bit the bullet, you’re better off waiting. In the last two weeks the price of graphics cards has reached an all time high. You would be hard pressed to find one for under five hundred dollars.

For instance, Leader of visual computing technologies - Nvidia has their cheapest graphics card, a GTX 1080 8GB set up, for almost nine hundred dollars. These guys started out at just around five hundred and have even been seen lower than that. Amazon seems to have the consistently cheapest option across all resolutions, brands and storage capacities. Newegg is also a good bet but is generally a lot higher than Amazon, sometimes by a couple of hundred dollars.

When you start looking at companies like AMD, who are notorious for having great deals and crowd-pleasing components, you can see the demand for new graphics cards has pushed the prices up a substantially amount. Their popular RX Vega 64 hit the market at around five hundred dollars. Now this same card is reaching prices of seven hundred but sometimes even more. While the graphics are great and the company makes a good product, the price jump is really hard to justify.

Now you could try and save some money by buying a used graphic cards but even they will set you back more than they should. Used graphics cards are selling for more than they were originally on the market for and you must sift through hundreds of non-working cards in order to find a slight deal on a used one.

All in all, save your money, save your time, and try your best to wait out the price jump.

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