Plain bearings, otherwise known as bushings, are a type of mechanical elements that are used in machinery to provide a bearing surface that reduces friction between rotating shafts and stationary support while still offering support and bearing the load. When buying bushings, it’s important to know what types of bushings serve what kind of purpose best.

Plain Bearing

Journal bearings are commonly used to support the linear motion of engine crankshafts in large turbomachines. They are commonly hydrodynamic, meaning that they are separated by an oil wedge formed as the shaft rotates, and babbitted, meaning that they are lined with a soft white metal that supports fluid film lubrication.

Journal bearings

Sleeve bearings follow similar principles to journal bearings; however, they are generally used to support both linear and rotary motion equally. Sleeve bearings can be rather simple pressed-in devices made of a variety of materials such as bronze, graphite, or plastics to better suit their vast assortment of applications. Sleeve bearings are either plain cylindrical and pressed flush into a component or flanged and stand proud of the component.

Sleeve bearings

Spherical bearings are used in linkages and other such applications that involve angular rotation. They are commonly used in rod ends but can also be found in critical applications such as aerospace control linkages. Spherical bearings have an inner sphere that rotates angularly within the limits of the outer sphere with lubrication between the two to reduce friction.

Spherical bearings

Drill jig bushings are more for guidance than support as they are used in precision metal drilling operations. They are often made from harder steels than bushings normally and tightly tolerance to maintain the necessary accuracy needed for machining operations.

Drill jig bushings

Of course, in addition to the mentioned above, there are also plenty of different types of bearings for different types of applications to consider. And it can all be very overwhelming to think about. From application and industry-specific regulations for materials, shape, strength, and lubrication compatibility, there are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right bushing or bearing. Fortunately, there’s Purchasing Management 360. Here at Purchasing Management 360, we have one of the largest inventories of aerospace and aviation hardware parts and board level electronic components on the market. From generic bushings to aircraft-specific bearings and connectors, we have it all. So, check us out the next time you’re in the market for bushings.

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Thermostat Housings

As engines get older, the risk of overheating increases. If an engine overheats, it can cause it to "blow" rendering it out-of-commission. Thermostat housings act as a cooling outlet for internal combustion engines. Coolant flows through internal ports, traveling through the engine block and cylinder head parts. From there the coolant reaches the thermostat housing, goes into the radiator, and is finally cooled.

There are two main types of thermostat housings, standalone and integrated. Both housings operate in the same manner, with the same results. In the past, thermostats were standalone units that were installed into the housing. This ended up becoming a problem because when thermostats would fail, the entire housing would have to be removed to fix it. While it wasn't a hard task to complete, housings failed quite often due to excessive overheating; overheating would, in turn, cause damage to the overall unit. Additionally, it would be difficult for mechanics to find a replacement unit that matched up with the old housing, and oftentimes the replacements were costly.

In the last 15 years, integrated units have become the most common type to be used due to their ease of replacement and the fact that they don't require extra work or special tools to complete the task. Since the integrated housing is a complete unit, there is no risk that the parts will not fit. This is the main reason why they're so popular in the automotive industry because when a repair is needed, the mechanic can simply replace the entire unit instead of going through the trouble of finding the correct fit.

Purchasing Management 360 is a premier supplier of aerospace parts. With a continuously increasing inventory, you can be sure Purchasing Management 360 will have everything you need and more. We will ensure all needs are addressed in a timely and professional manner.  Purchasing Management 360 is known for finding cost-effective solutions for hard-to-find parts. For a quote from a premier electronic component distributor, reach out to the main office by phone: 469-319-8300 or by email: sales@purchasingmanagement360.com

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IPhone X

Good news for the iPhone-obsessed: Apple has a next-generation iPhone SoCs in the works!  The A12 chip is now in production, and the CPU core will be built on TSMC’s 7-nanometer design. TSMC first announced they were in mass production back in April but did not disclose who they were building them for specifically.  Since Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is Apple’s preferred manufacturing partner, one could safely conclude that it is being made for Apple’s iPhones. Apple switched to the Taiwanese company after previously utilizing Samsung for the 14nm node. 

At this point, consumers have pretty much decided which OS best suits them, and they’re sticking with it. While smartphones generally aren’t the “next-big-thing” anymore, Apple and other suppliers are working hard to make sure their products are always updated with the latest technologies. Apple’s previous releases of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X secured the company up to 3.5 percent of the market in March of this year. Even with the largest chunk of the market, Apple is steadily working on remaining ahead of their biggest competitors, Samsung Electronics Co. and Qualcomm Inc.

Apple is expected to release up to three new iPhones this year alone. There will be 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch models, as well as a 6.1-inch with an overall lower price and consequently, fewer features; the 5.8 and 6.5 will come with OLED panels but the 6.1 will have an advanced LCD screen. If Apple can ship these next-gen iPhones by November 2018, it’ll be about a 6-month timeframe from volume production to commercial shipments.

Purchasing Management 360 is a premier electronic parts supplier. With a continuously increasing inventory, you can be sure Purchasing Management 360 will have everything you need and more. Purchasing Management 360 will ensure all needs are addressed in a timely and professional manner. Purchasing Management 360 is known for having hard to find and/or out of stock Qualcomm electronic parts and can always help you find cost-effective solutions. For a quote, reach out to the main office by phone: 469-319-8300 or by email: sales@purchasingmanagement360.com

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fixed base operators

For starters, the Fixed Based Operators association are given the right from airports to operate on their grounds to provide services. These services include hangaring, fueling, tie-down and parking, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, aircraft rental and other similar services. Over time the way people have defined Fixed Base Operators has changed and evolved, because of that, it can hold different meanings in different countries or even regions of the world. 

Getting down to the basics:

The fixed base operator industry can provide many different aviation services. However, these services can only operate based upon the leaseholds that FBO’s possess. Depending on how large the airport is there can be a few different fixed based operators. The fixed base operator aviation industry is the intersection of the public framework and private investment that is why they are privately operated and owned. Not only that, but there are also Core line services. Core is an aviation service that offer spare parts to help fix military or commercial operations for fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.

The core company goals are aimed to satisfy their customers by finding surplus aircraft spare parts in the aviation industry. In addition to core, core line services provide Maintenance Repair and Overhaul as well as Aircraft Charter and Management. If you or your company is looking for full-service FBO’s try going to North America or parts of Europe. However, FBO’s are starting to grow in the western hemisphere.

What is the difference between ground handlers and FBO’s?

Ground handlers are not fixed base operators but FBO’s can and do work as ground handlers a lot of the time. Fixed based operators work from the airports under lengthy leases, while grounds handlers generally work under negotiated contracts with the airport. Also, ground handlers normally work for commercial airlines, while FBO’s normally take care of all the typical aviation requirements. Both have Safety Management System’s in place, because of that, they must have major liability insurance. Like mentioned above, some FBO’s administer all of the commercial services which can also be like unto the roles of a grounds handler.

Purchasing Management 360, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor is a premier logistics and supply-chain partner for all aerospace manufacturing and technology driven-companies. We offer complete supply chain management services to all our customers, resulting in the simplified and speedy procurement of all aerospace components with time and cost savings.

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If your prized PC gaming rig has suddenly taken a nose dive it can be a pricey fix. From replacing graphics cards, fans, memory cards and imports of all kinds, the numbers can add up quick. While you can choose to DIY a new system, there are now more pre-assembled gaming pc’s than ever before, no more begging your siblings for their hand-me-downs.

While there are a multitude of companies to choose from, think Lenovo and HP, not all pcs are created equal. Finding a pre-made rig will take a bit of digging to ensure you stay within your budget. If you’re in the market for a solid 1080p model, look to Lenovo’s Legion y20 Cube.

Currently on the market for around seven hundred and twenty dollars, it’s easy to see why this set up is a money saver in the long run. When replacing a 1080p graphics card, the cost can range anywhere from four-hundred to eight-hundred dollars. When you compare that to getting the whole set up for just seven hundred and twenty, the price is easily justified.

If you want to pump up the graphics a bit and move onto a 1440p set up, Dell has your back. Dell’s XPS Tower is a beast of a desktop. It’s bland and, to be quite honest, boring structure, houses an Intel is-8100 processor and 2400 RAM. While a bit more expensive then the Lenovo, at eight hundred and eighty, the extra boost in graphics is well worth it.

At the top of the list sits the 4k monster from Cyber Power System. Their Gamer Extreme VR is the ultimate setup. While you will have to shell out fifteen-hundred bucks the graphics, storage and internal cooling system make it well worth the price.

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graphics cards

The rumors of more expensive graphics cards have come to fruition. If you’re in the market for a new graphics card because your old one finally bit the bullet, you’re better off waiting. In the last two weeks the price of graphics cards has reached an all time high. You would be hard pressed to find one for under five hundred dollars.

For instance, Leader of visual computing technologies - Nvidia has their cheapest graphics card, a GTX 1080 8GB set up, for almost nine hundred dollars. These guys started out at just around five hundred and have even been seen lower than that. Amazon seems to have the consistently cheapest option across all resolutions, brands and storage capacities. Newegg is also a good bet but is generally a lot higher than Amazon, sometimes by a couple of hundred dollars.

When you start looking at companies like AMD, who are notorious for having great deals and crowd-pleasing components, you can see the demand for new graphics cards has pushed the prices up a substantially amount. Their popular RX Vega 64 hit the market at around five hundred dollars. Now this same card is reaching prices of seven hundred but sometimes even more. While the graphics are great and the company makes a good product, the price jump is really hard to justify.

Now you could try and save some money by buying a used graphic cards but even they will set you back more than they should. Used graphics cards are selling for more than they were originally on the market for and you must sift through hundreds of non-working cards in order to find a slight deal on a used one.

All in all, save your money, save your time, and try your best to wait out the price jump.

Purchasing Management 360, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is a premier supplier of computer hardware parts. We have a wide selection of parts to choose from and is fully equipped with a friendly staff, so you can always find what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in obtaining a quote, contact the sales department at sales@purchasingmanagement360.com or call +1-714-705-4780.

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New Three Phase MOSFET Driver IC

Allegro Microsystems Inc, a leading developer in manufacturing and marketing high performance semiconductors, just announced the launch of its brand new Three Phase MOSFET Driver IC. The new semiconductor has an integrated low dropout regulator that supplies 5 or 3.3V. The new A4919 is built for a wide range of applications, and can be controlled with trapezoidal sinusoidal, or vector communication when combined with a microprocessor.

The new design is a simple direct control gate and can be used for industrial and commercial application markets. This semiconductor provides LDO for microprocessors or peripherals, both which allow for total flexibility when it comes to communication. The charge pump provides full power supplies voltages down to 7V and allows for reduced gate drive power supply voltages.

For each of the six power MOSFETS in the three-phase bridge, one logic level inputs are used. This system allows for the six power motors to be driven with any communication scheme that is defined with an external controller. Another feature the A4919 semiconductor posses is a motor phase short-to-supply and short-to-ground detection which provides an independent drain-source monitor. The A4919 provides enhanced thermal performance and is packaged lead free.

Allegros Microsystems Inc provides innovative solutions within several different markets that include, automation, industrial, and consumer / communications. Allegros sole focus is to develop integrated circuit solutions and provide highly integrated mixed-signal ICs while providing greater functionality.

Allegro puts a lot of time, money and effort into manufacturing and takes its quality to the highest standards. Allegro has over forty years of experience in the industry of semiconductors and has over 3,000 employees worldwide. Allegro takes great pride in producing and unveiling their new Three Phase MOSFET, as it is a huge step forward in the semiconductor industry.

Purchasing Management 360 has a dedicated and expansive array of Allegro Microsystems Inc parts, making us the premier supplier of power N-Channel Power parts.  We serve customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing.

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Seagate Hard Drive

Best Hard drives seem to have become a thing of the past based on the popularity of mobile devices. These newer hand-held devices have the potential to perform almost everything that a hard drive can, but at a faster rate. While this continues to be a problem in the industry, Seagate has taken it upon themselves to fix this ongoing issue with their latest multi-actuator technology.

Digital Trends compares hard drives to ‘old-school record players’ by having arms with needles accessing data that the drive may have. For a clear picture both actuators act as arms and read data from a single point to be able to read twice information in the same time.   

With this strategy is how Seagate plans to have what Digital Trends call as a ‘Leap Frog’ Effect. Seagate’s plans to be able to move twice as much data with their newest technology but still lacks that ability to be able to be mobile.

Digital Trends give a more detailed description by statement that,

"The old-school SATA 3 connector used by bulky hard drives and 2.5-inch solid-state drives will always bottleneck performance. Its capable of moving data at up to 600MB per second, which you will never experience although 2.5-inch solid state drives can come close. Hard drives with platters that spin up to 7200 rotations per minute (RPM) can reach up to 160MB per second, and those that spin at 5400RPM are even slower."

Seagates hopes to create something more efficient for the industry. Improving the movement of data is one of the main goals that Seagates has and wants to capitalize on. For an example that Digital trends also refers to is being able to transfer data in two smaller files opposite to one large extensive file. 

Purchasing Management 360 has is key provider for best usb flash drives, hard disk drive, hard drive, Solid State Drive, and Connectors. Having a wide array of parts in the industry 360 is able to provide parts that have been tested and placed under warranty. For a more detailed look at the parts ASAP is able to provide visit www.purchasingmanagement360.com.

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Innovation and newer releases have created a broad market for the latest technology to date. The public is always looking for user friendly and easy to use equipment for their day to day life. Companies like Apple, Fujitsu Laboratories, Intel, Quantum, Bitcoin along with many more have been able to find newer ways to advance tech industry.

World's largest IT services provider Fujitsu Laboratories have released a newer way for heat sinking with their latest new carbon nanotube sheets. This newer way of heat sinking has been created with multi walled perpendicular nanotubes that have been placed in an alignment to the exact position for maximum heat sinking for many variety of different components. Electronics that are very beneficial to these types of nanosheet tubes are higher performing computers and electric vehicles.

Apple has taken Shazam as part of its own to be incorporated into the iPhones. The project is estimated to be worth $ 400 mil US. The Shazam trait will be made as a feature to let “Siri” apples phone assisting persona to be able to identify songs, videos, tv shows and much more in a matter of seconds. 

Bitcoin has made its way to the talk of the century. Being marked as the number two highest used app in the app store, it continues to grow day by day. It drastic changes has attracted many people to begin to invest into these cryptocurrencies. The market is still unstable and only a baby size compared to the actual stock market. Along with millions of people investing into Bitcoin 40% of it is still owed by a thousand of individuals known as” the Bitcoin Whales.”

Research conducted by UC Berkeley has resulted in training robots using the same techniques as human babies. Using the ability to touch and feel objects in order to remember what the certain item maybe. Conducting an extensive amount of trials in order allow the robot to identify the part time after time.

Purchasing Management 360 is a leading provider of components and hardware for modern and obsolete technology. Having parts with tested certifications and warranties allow ASAP to ensure parts with every order. Having warehouses across the US allows for orders to be expedited across the globe. For a more detailed look at the products purchasing management 360 is able to provide visit www.purchasingmanagement360.com. For instant RFQs call  +1-469-319-8300 or email sales@purchasingmanagement360.com.

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D-Link EXO AC2600

The D-Link router has been greatly improved with their D-Link EXO AC2600 (DIR-882) wireless router. This router comes equipped with an easy to understand interface, a mid-range price tag and quick to read USB ports.

As far as performance goes, the DIR-882 can really hold its own. For a wireless router costing roughly $150.00 it does everything it needs to and more. The DIR-882 offers dual band Wi-Fi running at 800mbps for the 2.4GHZ band and 1733mbps for the 5GHZ band. Another reason this little guy is on the map, is because it is the first router that can handle hardcore data transfers through 160mhz bandwidth.

The selling point for this little guy was its ability to handle 4k gaming and streaming, a cut above the average 1080p capabilities. The four antennas, positioned on specific points on the top of the device allow for better access to signals and are extremely durable, despite their positioning.

Each port has been carefully placed on the wireless router, allowing the user easy access to the 3.0 USB port, 2.0 port and RJ45 ports as well as the on/off button. The software is easy to get the hang of and incredibly user friendly. There is a new feature that allows you to drag and drop information instead of manually putting everything into each section.

This means you have more control over what devices are using what bandwidth to ensure your systems are running nice and smooth. You can also auto connect devices to their respective portals to make sure a device isn’t eating away at the bandwidth, but this option can also be turned off if you wish.

Overall, this wireless router does incredibly well. It has one other competition on the market currently, the ASUS BRT-AC2600. While both routers have similar stats the real deal breaker is going to be the price. ASUS BRT-AC2600 is double the price of the DIR-882. If you’re looking for a router that can handle whatever you throw at it, the DIR-882 should be your top choice.

Purchasing Management 360 is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor. ASAP Semiconductor is a renowned distributor of aerospace parts and products. ASAP Semiconductor should always be your top choice for all your current and future part needs. Every product offered by ASAP Semiconductor has been tested and placed under warranty to ensure your parts with every order.

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