New Three Phase MOSFET Driver IC

Allegro Microsystems Inc, a leading developer in manufacturing and marketing high performance semiconductors, just announced the launch of its brand new Three Phase MOSFET Driver IC. The new semiconductor has an integrated low dropout regulator that supplies 5 or 3.3V. The new A4919 is built for a wide range of applications, and can be controlled with trapezoidal sinusoidal, or vector communication when combined with a microprocessor.

The new design is a simple direct control gate and can be used for industrial and commercial application markets. This semiconductor provides LDO for microprocessors or peripherals, both which allow for total flexibility when it comes to communication. The charge pump provides full power supplies voltages down to 7V and allows for reduced gate drive power supply voltages.

For each of the six power MOSFETS in the three-phase bridge, one logic level inputs are used. This system allows for the six power motors to be driven with any communication scheme that is defined with an external controller. Another feature the A4919 semiconductor posses is a motor phase short-to-supply and short-to-ground detection which provides an independent drain-source monitor. The A4919 provides enhanced thermal performance and is packaged lead free.

Allegros Microsystems Inc provides innovative solutions within several different markets that include, automation, industrial, and consumer / communications. Allegros sole focus is to develop integrated circuit solutions and provide highly integrated mixed-signal ICs while providing greater functionality.

Allegro puts a lot of time, money and effort into manufacturing and takes its quality to the highest standards. Allegro has over forty years of experience in the industry of semiconductors and has over 3,000 employees worldwide. Allegro takes great pride in producing and unveiling their new Three Phase MOSFET, as it is a huge step forward in the semiconductor industry.

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Seagate Hard Drive

Best Hard drives seem to have become a thing of the past based on the popularity of mobile devices. These newer hand-held devices have the potential to perform almost everything that a hard drive can, but at a faster rate. While this continues to be a problem in the industry, Seagate has taken it upon themselves to fix this ongoing issue with their latest multi-actuator technology.

Digital Trends compares hard drives to ‘old-school record players’ by having arms with needles accessing data that the drive may have. For a clear picture both actuators act as arms and read data from a single point to be able to read twice information in the same time.   

With this strategy is how Seagate plans to have what Digital Trends call as a ‘Leap Frog’ Effect. Seagate’s plans to be able to move twice as much data with their newest technology but still lacks that ability to be able to be mobile.

Digital Trends give a more detailed description by statement that,

"The old-school SATA 3 connector used by bulky hard drives and 2.5-inch solid-state drives will always bottleneck performance. Its capable of moving data at up to 600MB per second, which you will never experience although 2.5-inch solid state drives can come close. Hard drives with platters that spin up to 7200 rotations per minute (RPM) can reach up to 160MB per second, and those that spin at 5400RPM are even slower."

Seagates hopes to create something more efficient for the industry. Improving the movement of data is one of the main goals that Seagates has and wants to capitalize on. For an example that Digital trends also refers to is being able to transfer data in two smaller files opposite to one large extensive file. 

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Innovation and newer releases have created a broad market for the latest technology to date. The public is always looking for user friendly and easy to use equipment for their day to day life. Companies like Apple, Fujitsu Laboratories, Intel, Quantum, Bitcoin along with many more have been able to find newer ways to advance tech industry.

World's largest IT services provider Fujitsu Laboratories have released a newer way for heat sinking with their latest new carbon nanotube sheets. This newer way of heat sinking has been created with multi walled perpendicular nanotubes that have been placed in an alignment to the exact position for maximum heat sinking for many variety of different components. Electronics that are very beneficial to these types of nanosheet tubes are higher performing computers and electric vehicles.

Apple has taken Shazam as part of its own to be incorporated into the iPhones. The project is estimated to be worth $ 400 mil US. The Shazam trait will be made as a feature to let “Siri” apples phone assisting persona to be able to identify songs, videos, tv shows and much more in a matter of seconds. 

Bitcoin has made its way to the talk of the century. Being marked as the number two highest used app in the app store, it continues to grow day by day. It drastic changes has attracted many people to begin to invest into these cryptocurrencies. The market is still unstable and only a baby size compared to the actual stock market. Along with millions of people investing into Bitcoin 40% of it is still owed by a thousand of individuals known as” the Bitcoin Whales.”

Research conducted by UC Berkeley has resulted in training robots using the same techniques as human babies. Using the ability to touch and feel objects in order to remember what the certain item maybe. Conducting an extensive amount of trials in order allow the robot to identify the part time after time.

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D-Link EXO AC2600

The D-Link router has been greatly improved with their D-Link EXO AC2600 (DIR-882) wireless router. This router comes equipped with an easy to understand interface, a mid-range price tag and quick to read USB ports.

As far as performance goes, the DIR-882 can really hold its own. For a wireless router costing roughly $150.00 it does everything it needs to and more. The DIR-882 offers dual band Wi-Fi running at 800mbps for the 2.4GHZ band and 1733mbps for the 5GHZ band. Another reason this little guy is on the map, is because it is the first router that can handle hardcore data transfers through 160mhz bandwidth.

The selling point for this little guy was its ability to handle 4k gaming and streaming, a cut above the average 1080p capabilities. The four antennas, positioned on specific points on the top of the device allow for better access to signals and are extremely durable, despite their positioning.

Each port has been carefully placed on the wireless router, allowing the user easy access to the 3.0 USB port, 2.0 port and RJ45 ports as well as the on/off button. The software is easy to get the hang of and incredibly user friendly. There is a new feature that allows you to drag and drop information instead of manually putting everything into each section.

This means you have more control over what devices are using what bandwidth to ensure your systems are running nice and smooth. You can also auto connect devices to their respective portals to make sure a device isn’t eating away at the bandwidth, but this option can also be turned off if you wish.

Overall, this wireless router does incredibly well. It has one other competition on the market currently, the ASUS BRT-AC2600. While both routers have similar stats the real deal breaker is going to be the price. ASUS BRT-AC2600 is double the price of the DIR-882. If you’re looking for a router that can handle whatever you throw at it, the DIR-882 should be your top choice.

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Parker aircraft component manufacturer, a producer of aircraft spare parts and an aircraft parts distributor, has been working on expanding business into the Middle East. Within the Middle East the specific targets for Parker’s growth is those carriers with MRO support.

This MRO support is huge for aircraft spare parts distributors, and those they do business with. For parker, being an aircraft component manufacturer, working alongside others has only proved to be beneficial for the company.

Some examples of these benefits were Parker’s expansion into Asia-pacific and Singapore, among others. Over the years of trial and experience Parker aircraft component manufacturer has learned the benefits of business expansion especially into other countries.

As an experienced aircraft component manufacturer, Parker is a good place to look for an example of good business moves. Not only do they work with many aircraft spare parts, including valves, pumps, wheels, brakes, and fuel nozzles, but they are also a Fortune 250 global leader when it comes to motion and control technologies.

Many people do not realize how large of an industry aviation and aerospace is, especially when it comes to the distribution of aircraft spare parts. It is a worldwide industry with large requirements and income that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. For beginners, it is a lot of trial and error which can be scary. Aircraft parts are needed by a variety of businesses and people all over the world.

Becoming stagnant in one country, or one type of part, only disables your business from growing. To ensure drastic growth and success, a business must continue to expand and grow. This desire for growth shows dedication and drive, which is a profitable and attractive trait to have in a company.

Expansion for Parker aircraft component manufacturer into the Middle East, along with other countries including Asia-Pacific and Singapore, is only step that is contributing to their growth and success. They have made these moves in the past, and it will not be surprising if they continue to make these moves in the future.

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A321Neo Model Aircraft

Meggitt and Airbus relations continue to exist after latest collaboration of the two entities. The two companies have worked on project for decades and are assured to work together for a couple years more. Meggitt has been asked to provide Airbus with new Nucarbon carbon breaks and wheels.

The wheels have been opted for the A321neo aircraft for which it will allow the aircraft to enhance performance traits.

The NuCarb is the most innovative of its type and is procured in Danville, Kentucky. The facility has been stated to be a modern facility that creates items such as these creating a longest lasting NuCarb.

All the expected parts are to be deliver cohesively with the completion of Airbus projects.

The A321neo model is one of Airbuses newest models as they have implemented a new engine option (NEO) into their previous models.

As this partnership continues to evolve Airbus and Meggitt’s relationship as it was established in previous years. Meggitt began working with airbus to implement the aircraft wheel and brakes for the original A321 model aircraft. Due to their prized products Airbus and associate have now requested Meggitt parts for their sources.

According to Meggit’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tony Woods has mentioned,

” We broke new ground with Airbus two decades ago, and are proud to be doing so again by pairing our NuCarb technology with the A321neo. Meggitt is proud to be partnering with Airbus to bring state of the art technology to the A321neo programme.”

Airbus continues to provide the world-wide companies with best possible aircrafts on the market. Made from premium parts such as Meggitt they assure their customers that they their products are the most innovative parts. With the collaboration and continuous Meggit production it allows for 11,000 workers in over 40 locations to be employed.

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Kevlar Material USB Cable

Belkin has created a top of the line USB capable to be able to withstand the extreme conditions that user put the cable through. Many companies have created the USB cable but many of these companies prefer quantity of quality when manufacturing thee products. The average person is not well aware that faulty cables can affect the longevity or often times fry your appliance such as your desktop computer, laptop, and or tablet.

When looking for cables the people mainly look for the best deals or the vibrant colors and are not focused on quality. Belkin has created a next level cable that is composed of bullet proof material and is equipped with the most innovative hardware. The cable has a length of 4 feet to be able to give the user free roaming space while in use. The cable has been made with a double braided for maximum durability and very agile.

For any unwanted malfunction Belkin has placed a 5-year warranty on the cable. The cable was inspired by other top performing cables from other industries such as the aerospace, race car and industrial. These cables are built for maximum durability and performance as they are responsible for very important tasks that require extreme reliability.

Belkin’s vice president of Design states that it is the cables responsibility to perform and not the user’s precautions by mentioning that,

”After all, cables should be made to serve us, not the other way around. We also did not want to compromise on elegance and aesthetic appeal while reinforcing the structure, so we started from the inside out and redesigned the way we construct a cable.”

The USB cable is now available to retail and online sales priced at $29.99 US. The cables comes in many various colors to maintain elegance while providing top performance.

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Toshiba Flash Memory

In 1987, Toshiba invented flash memory. They then began to mass-produce flash memory starting in 1991. Capacity has been increasing while innovating a more compact design. Because there were some challenges throughout the years trying to increase capacity while decreasing size of the design, almost 10 years ago Toshiba then invented the idea of a 3D flash memory stacking technology.

A new type of flash memory has been released by company Toshiba America Electronic Components Co. This new flash memory by the name of BiCS FLASH is stated to be the next generation of flash memory on the market. Including many new features such as 4-bit-per-cell, and capable of being equipped with (QCL) quadruple-level cell technology. These newer flash memories differentiate themselves than previous flash memory components as they would previously use (TLC) Triple-Level Cell technology. In comparison to the 2D NAND flash memory, the new 3D BiCS FLASH has higher die area density along with condensed chip size.

Another significant difference that the newer QLC BiCS Flash is capable of is its potential life span. With the enhanced features, its longevity is lengthened from 512 gigabits from the TLC to 768 gigabits per die. The BiCS FLASH can be used for memory cards, tablets, consumer SSDs, and enterprise applications.

The new QLC is stated to have the world’s largest die capability recorded currently at 768Gb/96Gb. Its modified structure allows for the extensive capability as it is brought together with a 64-layer cell structure. The unique structure gives the QLC BiCS FLASH to be able to produce a 1.5-terabyte in a single composed unit.

Senior vice president of Toshiba America Electronic Components Co., Scott Nelson, stated that

“There will always be demand for compelling storage solutions that bring higher densities and produce a favorable cost/performance equation – our QLC technology falls squarely into that sweet spot. History has proven us right in the past when it comes to our visionary flash memory roadmap, and we fully expect QLC BiCS FLASH to continue our industry-leading track record.”

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Power and Brake into a Single Connector

TE Connectivity is using a high technology to design and manufacture connectivity and sensors products for rough environments in diverse industries such as automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace and defense. The company is a leader in the industry worth 12 billion and 72,000 employees in close to 150 countries across a wide range of industries.

Harsh industrial applications are operated by the Micro Motor Connector from TE Connectivity which now TTI made available in Europe. The diverse choices of connection solutions now involves a nine position encoder and a 4+2 power and brake connector. The industrial environment is harsh, therefore TE’s Power & Brake Connector offers high accomplishment in a small interconnect, 125°C high temperature and IP67 rating. Due to the design of incorporating the power and brake into a single connector the cost is lower and it saves space.

In order to provide vibration resistance, a highly-dependable plastic connector featuring a box was designed and moreover, it is compatible with commercially available cable. The rated voltage for the Power & Brake Connector are 380 VAC for the power and 48 VDC for the brake with a rated current of 5A power and 2A brake.

Mechanical specifications for the Nine Position Encoder include a temperature rating of -30°C to +105°C and wire sizes of 0.1 mm to 0.33 mm with wire diameter of 6.8 mm to 7.4 mm.

Purchasing Management 360 has a dedicated and expansive array of power, plastic and leading connectors—serving customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing. ASAP will ensure that your needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner, all the while offering cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at or call +1-469-319-8300.

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NN Inc

NN Inc., a diversified industrial company specializing in high precision metal and plastic components and assemblies for a variety of markets on a global basis just announced that it will be selling its precision bearing components group to Tsubaki Nakashima Co., the world’s leading spherical surface processing technology company who is based out of Japan.

Tsubaki takes pride in high precision steel balls which are an important bearing component. The sale will take place for three hundred and seventy-five million dollars. The transaction will take place in late 2017. This will assist Tsubaki to produce revenue growth in the existing market, and in their new market creation.

Currently, NN Inc.’s precision bearing components group manufactures and sells steel balls, rollers and cages for the bearing components industry. This group has seven global locations and over one thousand two hundred and sixty employees. In 2016 the group had a total sales amount of over two hundred million.

NN Inc. provided a comment on the sale,

“The sale of precision bearing components furthers our long-term strategy to build a diversified industrial business with a comprehensive geographic footprint in attractive high growth market segments”.

NN Inc. has stated that they will used the profits from the sale into higher margin end-markets. This sale balances their portfolio and provides NN Inc.  the money to execute their strategic expansion into more growth, with expansion to medical and aerospace end markets.

The bearing components industry is very large, Tsubaki is now able to work their way into this industry with an even larger head start than they had before. This purchase will really help Tsubaki to achieve many goals in their growth strategy, including customer service needs.

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