What are Rectangular Connectors?

Used in assembling, installing, and supplying power to electrical devices, connectors join electronic circuits and are foundational components in a variety of electronic equipment. Moreover, they have been engineered to optimize signal integrity in applications with limited space. A common element in industrial machinery, consumer electronics, commercial appliances, and more, connectors ensure all electronic products are both functional and complete.

The majority of connectors are temporary, but some serve as permanent electrical joints. Regardless, all connectors consist of specifically designed contacts residing within a housing structure, also called a plug or receptacle. The housing carries the terminals and guarantees a stable connection between a plug and receptacle, while also shielding terminals from harsh conditions. The terminals are electrically conductive pins that create a continuous path for the electrical current to move between circuits. These pins are made of electrically conductive materials like brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, and high copper alloy, and each individual pin is serialized, being numbered in an anticlockwise direction. In particular, rectangular connectors are often utilized because they offer design flexibility, giving them an advantage over other connector shapes.

D-Sub Connector Applications

Frequently used in industrial automation, robotics, machine building, power creations, and more, D-Sub connectors are a type of rectangular connector. They are also built for military equipment, ground support devices, computer equipment, and medical equipment, having availability in a wide variety of shell sizes and pin-outs. Housings are often made of steel and cadmium or zinc-nickel for ROHS compliance, and contacts can either be removable or nonremovable.

Types of D-Sub Connectors

One type of connector is the ADI Electronics D-Sub MIL-DTL-24308 Connector, which is available in various shell sizes and pin-outs. The shells are typically built of steel and cadmium that is plated with a yellow chromate supplementary coating, and the pins often consist of a copper alloy or gold over nickel plating. Standard shell sizes are 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 positions, and contacts come in 20 AWG solder-pots which intermate with MIL-DTL-24308 connectors.

Another type of connector is the Amphenol D-Sub connector, which is a rack and panel type subminiature connector that has a polarized shell. These components are reliable and feature a high density, making them useful in applications where size and weight are prioritized. A defining characteristic of the Amphenol D-Sub is their flame-resistant thermoplastic housing inserts.

Finally, positronic D-Sub connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, such as on communications ports, to build connections between different products like CPUs, copiers, printers, and other power supply units. Additionally, DB9 connectors are often utilized in token ring networks and controller area networks.

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