Belkin Creates A Kevlar Material Made USB Cable for Optimal Durability

Belkin has created a top of the line USB capable to be able to withstand the extreme conditions that user put the cable through. Many companies have created the USB cable but many of these companies prefer quantity of quality when manufacturing thee products. The average person is not well aware that faulty cables can affect the longevity or often times fry your appliance such as your desktop computer, laptop, and or tablet.

When looking for cables the people mainly look for the best deals or the vibrant colors and are not focused on quality. Belkin has created a next level cable that is composed of bullet proof material and is equipped with the most innovative hardware. The cable has a length of 4 feet to be able to give the user free roaming space while in use. The cable has been made with a double braided for maximum durability and very agile.

For any unwanted malfunction Belkin has placed a 5-year warranty on the cable. The cable was inspired by other top performing cables from other industries such as the aerospace, race car and industrial. These cables are built for maximum durability and performance as they are responsible for very important tasks that require extreme reliability.

Belkin’s vice president of Design states that it is the cables responsibility to perform and not the user’s precautions by mentioning that,

”After all, cables should be made to serve us, not the other way around. We also did not want to compromise on elegance and aesthetic appeal while reinforcing the structure, so we started from the inside out and redesigned the way we construct a cable.”

The USB cable is now available to retail and online sales priced at $29.99 US. The cables comes in many various colors to maintain elegance while providing top performance.


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