What Are Smart Circuit Breakers?

Posted on October 17, 2022 Jacob Williams What Are Smart Circuit Breakers?

Circuit breakers are assemblies that may be found in a number of buildings and spaces, serving to protect circuits from the harmful effects of electrical overload conditions, faults, and other such issues. Circuit breakers can range in use from one’s personal home to an aircraft, and they are often paramount for safety. In order to provide protection from hazards, circuit breakers break circuit contact connections when current rises above certain levels or a surge occurs. While this is the basic role of circuit breakers, there are specialized types known as smart circuit breakers (SCB) that perform the same roles while having various additional capabilities that can be highly advantageous for more rigorous operations. In this blog, we will discuss how smart circuit breakers differ from other options, and the various benefits that they provide.

With a smart circuit breaker, solid-state materials are utilized for the means of guaranteeing rapid interruptions of flow to clear a fault in a matter of microseconds. While these are already extremely beneficial to safety, they also have various additional options that promote flexibility, reliability, predictability, and rapid design. This is often achieved through the use of implemented software that opens up opportunities for remote control, parameter configuration, real-time monitoring, and much more.

While circuit breakers already provide ample safety and reliability, smart circuit breakers take this one step further with the use of semiconductor technologies. As compared to mechanical parts, semiconductor materials ensure more efficiency while avoiding common malfunctions and issues that result from moving parts. This also lessens any chance of erosion, wear and tear, or dangerous sparks.

Alongside safety and reliability, smart circuit breakers are also more efficient and sustainable in their energy use. One way in which this is achieved is through the monitoring and control of power usage, allowing the breaker to offer the meter usage of each circuit in real time. Alongside providing efficient power distribution, overall operations are enhanced for the benefit of high-power consumption systems and other demanding applications.

As stated before, smart circuit breakers are also much easier to maintain, making them a good choice for applications where downtime is costly or detrimental to operations. For example, lower maintenance is extremely advantageous for aviation and defense applications, as many of the operations in these industries can be hazardous without proper protection. Additionally, with the added capabilities of alerts for abnormal performance and predictive data, more preventative maintenance can be conducted when issues start to arise so that they may be dealt with before a major breakdown.

Alongside such examples, smart circuit breakers are also known for their flexibility with interchangeable elements and remote control. If one ever wishes to upgrade components or alter operations, new functions and features may be added with ease. With all of these various benefits and capabilities, smart circuit breakers serve as the future of electrical protection. If you find yourself in need of various circuit breaker parts or other electrical hardware for an electric panel, air conditioner, aircraft assembly, etc., look no further than Purchasing Management 360 for all your needs.

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