New Innovative Flash Memory Introduced for Higher Capability

In 1987, Toshiba invented flash memory. They then began to mass-produce flash memory starting in 1991. Capacity has been increasing while innovating a more compact design. Because there were some challenges throughout the years trying to increase capacity while decreasing size of the design, almost 10 years ago Toshiba then invented the idea of a 3D flash memory stacking technology.

A new type of flash memory has been released by company Toshiba America Electronic Components Co. This new flash memory by the name of BiCS FLASH is stated to be the next generation of flash memory on the market. Including many new features such as 4-bit-per-cell, and capable of being equipped with (QCL) quadruple-level cell technology. These newer flash memories differentiate themselves than previous flash memory components as they would previously use (TLC) Triple-Level Cell technology. In comparison to the 2D NAND flash memory, the new 3D BiCS FLASH has higher die area density along with condensed chip size.

Another significant difference that the newer QLC BiCS Flash is capable of is its potential life span. With the enhanced features, its longevity is lengthened from 512 gigabits from the TLC to 768 gigabits per die. The BiCS FLASH can be used for memory cards, tablets, consumer SSDs, and enterprise applications.

The new QLC is stated to have the world’s largest die capability recorded currently at 768Gb/96Gb. Its modified structure allows for the extensive capability as it is brought together with a 64-layer cell structure. The unique structure gives the QLC BiCS FLASH to be able to produce a 1.5-terabyte in a single composed unit.

Senior vice president of Toshiba America Electronic Components Co., Scott Nelson, stated that

“There will always be demand for compelling storage solutions that bring higher densities and produce a favorable cost/performance equation – our QLC technology falls squarely into that sweet spot. History has proven us right in the past when it comes to our visionary flash memory roadmap, and we fully expect QLC BiCS FLASH to continue our industry-leading track record.”


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