Latest Tech News: From Nanotube Sheets to The Selling of Shazam

Innovation and newer releases have created a broad market for the latest technology to date. The public is always looking for user friendly and easy to use equipment for their day to day life. Companies like Apple, Fujitsu Laboratories, Intel, Quantum, Bitcoin along with many more have been able to find newer ways to advance tech industry.

World's largest IT services provider Fujitsu Laboratories have released a newer way for heat sinking with their latest new carbon nanotube sheets. This newer way of heat sinking has been created with multi walled perpendicular nanotubes that have been placed in an alignment to the exact position for maximum heat sinking for many variety of different components. Electronics that are very beneficial to these types of nanosheet tubes are higher performing computers and electric vehicles.

Apple has taken Shazam as part of its own to be incorporated into the iPhones. The project is estimated to be worth $ 400 mil US. The Shazam trait will be made as a feature to let “Siri” apples phone assisting persona to be able to identify songs, videos, tv shows and much more in a matter of seconds. 

Bitcoin has made its way to the talk of the century. Being marked as the number two highest used app in the app store, it continues to grow day by day. It drastic changes has attracted many people to begin to invest into these cryptocurrencies. The market is still unstable and only a baby size compared to the actual stock market. Along with millions of people investing into Bitcoin 40% of it is still owed by a thousand of individuals known as” the Bitcoin Whales.”

Research conducted by UC Berkeley has resulted in training robots using the same techniques as human babies. Using the ability to touch and feel objects in order to remember what the certain item maybe. Conducting an extensive amount of trials in order allow the robot to identify the part time after time.

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