What Are Fiber Optic Adapters, Their Types, and Features

While fiber optic connectors and equipment are not quite a new form of technology, they have found increasing popularity and implementation in recent years through widespread adoption across many industries and applications. In order to install fiber optics within various settings and systems, adapters may be required in order to establish connections. As there are a variety of panels, systems, and components that fiber optic connectors may be paired with, there are multiple adapter types that one may choose from. To help you find the perfect solution for your applications, we will discuss the main types of fiber optic adapters that you may choose from.

FC Optic Adapter

The FC fiber optic adapter is an early iteration of such components, and they feature a ferrule external reinforcement for their protection. Exhibiting a simplistic design, FC fiber optic adapters are quite easy to manufacture and use. Nevertheless, they are more sensitive to dust exposure, and enhancing return loss performance can prove difficult. In recent years, however, various advancements to the pin have been made to remedy such shortcomings.

SC Optic Adapter

The SC fiber optic adapter features a rectangular shape, and the design of their coupling sleeve and pin matches the FC optic adapter. SC fiber optic adapters are known for their low price point, ease of insertion and removal, high-density installation, high compressive strength, and low insertion loss. With their features and advantages, the SC optic adapter is commonly used for point-to-point and passive optical networking.

LC Optic Adapter

LC optic adapters feature a modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism, making them very convenient for a number of applications. As compared to the SC and FC adapter, LC optic adapters exhibit pins and sleeves that are half the size, typically being around 1.25 mm in diameter. With such a design, increased density for fiber optic connectors can be achieved. While there are various subtypes of this design, the single-mode SFF variation is the most popular.

DIN47256 Optic Adapter

Developed by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), DIN47256 adapters feature pins and coupling sleeves of the same size as the FC type. Despite this, their structure has increased complexity, and a control pressure spring within the internal metal structure ensures that the end face avoids damage as a result of excessive insertion pressure. For their advantages, the DIN47256 optic adapter has a PC process for end face processing, high mechanical accuracy, and low insertion loss values.

MU Optic Adapter

As compared to the other various forms of fiber optic adapters, the MU optic adapter is the smallest single-core fiber optic connector developed by NTT. With a 1.25 mm diameter sleeve and self-holding mechanism, MU fiber optic adapters allow for high-density installation. Generally, such adapters find use for the connection of LD/PD modules and plugs, and their popularity is set to increase as DWDM technologies continue to expand in use.


Alongside such examples, there are other various fiber optic adapters such as MTP/MPO and MT-RJ types that one may choose from. Once you have narrowed down the type of adapter you need based on cable types, sleeve materials, and other factors, Purchasing Management is here to help you source all the various parts and components that you require to fulfill your operational requirements. Purchasing Management 360 is a premier purchasing platform owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we are your sourcing solution for top-quality fiber optic adapters, connectors, and related components that have been manufactured by leading global manufacturers that we trust. Take the time to explore our vast set of offerings at your leisure, and our team is on standby 24/7x365 to assist you through the purchasing process as necessary. Request a quote for your comparisons through our website today and see why customers choose to steadily rely on Purchasing Management 360 for all their operational requirements.


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