Meggitt Extends Relations with Long Latest Partner Airbus

Meggitt and Airbus relations continue to exist after latest collaboration of the two entities. The two companies have worked on project for decades and are assured to work together for a couple years more. Meggitt has been asked to provide Airbus with new Nucarbon carbon breaks and wheels.

The wheels have been opted for the A321neo aircraft for which it will allow the aircraft to enhance performance traits.

The NuCarb is the most innovative of its type and is procured in Danville, Kentucky. The facility has been stated to be a modern facility that creates items such as these creating a longest lasting NuCarb.

All the expected parts are to be deliver cohesively with the completion of Airbus projects.

The A321neo model is one of Airbuses newest models as they have implemented a new engine option (NEO) into their previous models.

As this partnership continues to evolve Airbus and Meggitt’s relationship as it was established in previous years. Meggitt began working with airbus to implement the aircraft wheel and brakes for the original A321 model aircraft. Due to their prized products Airbus and associate have now requested Meggitt parts for their sources.

According to Meggit’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tony Woods has mentioned,

” We broke new ground with Airbus two decades ago, and are proud to be doing so again by pairing our NuCarb technology with the A321neo. Meggitt is proud to be partnering with Airbus to bring state of the art technology to the A321neo programme.”

Airbus continues to provide the world-wide companies with best possible aircrafts on the market. Made from premium parts such as Meggitt they assure their customers that they their products are the most innovative parts. With the collaboration and continuous Meggit production it allows for 11,000 workers in over 40 locations to be employed.

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