What You Need to Know about Thermostat Housings ?

As engines get older, the risk of overheating increases. If an engine overheats, it can cause it to "blow" rendering it out-of-commission. Thermostat housings act as a cooling outlet for internal combustion engines. Coolant flows through internal ports, traveling through the engine block and cylinder head parts. From there the coolant reaches the thermostat housing, goes into the radiator, and is finally cooled.

There are two main types of thermostat housings, standalone and integrated. Both housings operate in the same manner, with the same results. In the past, thermostats were standalone units that were installed into the housing. This ended up becoming a problem because when thermostats would fail, the entire housing would have to be removed to fix it. While it wasn't a hard task to complete, housings failed quite often due to excessive overheating; overheating would, in turn, cause damage to the overall unit. Additionally, it would be difficult for mechanics to find a replacement unit that matched up with the old housing, and oftentimes the replacements were costly.

In the last 15 years, integrated units have become the most common type to be used due to their ease of replacement and the fact that they don't require extra work or special tools to complete the task. Since the integrated housing is a complete unit, there is no risk that the parts will not fit. This is the main reason why they're so popular in the automotive industry because when a repair is needed, the mechanic can simply replace the entire unit instead of going through the trouble of finding the correct fit.

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