Aircraft Circuit Breaker Panels

Posted on November 24, 2020 Jacob Williams Aircraft Circuit Breaker Panels

On any fighter type jet, a circuit breaker panel is found on the underbelly or side of the cockpit, right below where the pilot would sit. Much like a circuit breaker you would find at home, the aircraft circuit breaker would be like a box or panel that acts like a protective device for opening a circuit automatically when excessive current is flowing through it. A circuit breaker may be reset to restore the circuit after a fault causing excessive current has been corrected. Essentially the circuit breaker panel is an electrical protecting safety device which is why most homes, helicopters, airplanes, and other facilities must have a circuit breaker.

It is very important to refurbish the circuit breakers in this panel and the reason why is because this panel wiring is often the items that are dismissed or forgotten when putting the fighter ship on AOG or regular maintenance. It is important to remember that the wiring found on the interior of the circuit breaker box is just as antiquated as the trunk wiring harnesses. Because of this, the circuit breaker panels should definitely be rewired, and especially true for older models of the Kapton as the wiring inside of their circuit breaker panels are most susceptible to rusting.  Another reason why it’s important to rewire these circuit breaker panels is because that would be the best approach if you are looking for a more cost efficient option, as replacing them altogether would be far more expensive.

Some things to take note of or ensure completing when rewiring the circuit breaker panel is to take out all of the old wiring from the sheet metal box, and to inspect them to see if they can be recycled. Another essential to-do option is to repopulate the circuit breaker panel with new wiring and components. This last step is important because the decision to refurbish a circuit breaker panel will save not only money but it will also reward you with a significant amount of time. Before finishing, you must sanitize, touch up and repaint the sheet metal box so that it looks like new. The sheet metal box has a long lead time so if you can reuse the old one, and make it “like new”, the delivery time is reduced significantly. 

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