Things to Know About Fixed Base Operators

For starters, the Fixed Based Operators association are given the right from airports to operate on their grounds to provide services. These services include hangaring, fueling, tie-down and parking, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, aircraft rental and other similar services. Over time the way people have defined Fixed Base Operators has changed and evolved, because of that, it can hold different meanings in different countries or even regions of the world. 

Getting down to the basics:

The fixed base operator industry can provide many different aviation services. However, these services can only operate based upon the leaseholds that FBO’s possess. Depending on how large the airport is there can be a few different fixed based operators. The fixed base operator aviation industry is the intersection of the public framework and private investment that is why they are privately operated and owned. Not only that, but there are also Core line services. Core is an aviation service that offer spare parts to help fix military or commercial operations for fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.

The core company goals are aimed to satisfy their customers by finding surplus aircraft spare parts in the aviation industry. In addition to core, core line services provide Maintenance Repair and Overhaul as well as Aircraft Charter and Management. If you or your company is looking for full-service FBO’s try going to North America or parts of Europe. However, FBO’s are starting to grow in the western hemisphere.

What is the difference between ground handlers and FBO’s?

Ground handlers are not fixed base operators but FBO’s can and do work as ground handlers a lot of the time. Fixed based operators work from the airports under lengthy leases, while grounds handlers generally work under negotiated contracts with the airport. Also, ground handlers normally work for commercial airlines, while FBO’s normally take care of all the typical aviation requirements. Both have Safety Management System’s in place, because of that, they must have major liability insurance. Like mentioned above, some FBO’s administer all of the commercial services which can also be like unto the roles of a grounds handler.

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