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Switches are extremely commonplace electronic devices, allowing for control to be assumed over a system in order to actuate various processes, switch between power modes, and much more. The rocker switch in particular is a very popular form of switch featuring a mechanism that may rock between two or more positions when actuated. Also known as see-saw switches, rocker switches will often have a side raise when another is depressed, allowing it to visually and mechanically alter between two states with a central pivot point. Depending on one’s particular needs and the application in question, there are a number of rocker switch types that may be used.

The most popular application of rocker switches is for the on and off functionality of devices and light switches, allowing for easy state shifts. As such, rocker switches may be found on wall sockets, control panels, power outlets, surge protectors, and extensions. While many forms of rocker switches are illuminated with an LED light to denote states, many may be non-illuminated as well. Generally speaking, the most common “day-to-day” applications that benefit from the use of rocker switches include power supplies, household appliances, HVAC systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fuse circuits, medical equipment, and the electronic parts of vehicles. Beyond their ease of use and the ability to visually determine states, rocker switches are also quite cost-efficient. When procuring rocker switches for a particular application, it can be useful to be familiar with the most common types available.

As discussed before, on-off rocker switches are one of the most common variations, and such devices allow for a user to switch between on and off positions that will affect power delivery to circuits. While a majority of on-off switches come with the standard positions, there are some instances in which an on-on rocker switch may be used. With their simplistic operations, such switches are commonly found on a grand number of electrical devices and assemblies.

When there is a need for a rocker switch that may automatically return to a default position, momentary rocker switches are an advantageous option. Unlike the standard rocker switch, the momentary rocker switch will remain engaged as long as force remains on the component. With the use of a built-in spring, the switch will return to its default position after release. Designed to normally be off or on, such devices are commonly used for keypad controls, electric doors, windows, and much more.

Changeover rocker switches are best for when voltage needs to be diverted between circuits. Coming in the form of either manual or automated types, such rocker switches are regularly found within power supplies and main grids for the means of selecting input sources, switching to backup systems, and more. Additionally, some changeover rocker switches can also operate as two circuit breaker devices as they will switch circuits in opposite directions within the same instance.

While most rocker switches are designed with two states, the center-off switch is one in which a central off position is placed with two on positions on either side. Utilizing a see-sawing mechanism similar to other types, center-off rocker switches may either be manually operated or may be closer to a momentary type in functionality. Generally, such switches are commonly used within industries related to food service, industrial control, office automation, and more.

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April 11, 2022

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