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Look no further than Purchasing Management 360 for all your aviation hardware component needs. Our convenient search tool allows you to look up parts like Switches from a variety of manufacturers such as Cisco Memory, Comnet, Hewlett Packard, Brocade Communication Systems, Arista Networks. Just enter one of the countless part numbers we have in stock like WS-C2960X-24TS-LL, CNGE2FE16MS, SIESISK9T-12252SE, 15216-CS-4, 712495-B21 for example. Our extensive supply chain will ensure your part is sourced quickly and processed immediately. Our strict No China Sourcing Policy will also put you at ease knowing any hardware and networking parts you buy will come from one of the many trusted manufacturers we do business with.

Switches Part Numbers List

Part Number Manufacturer QTY RFQ
WS-C2960X-24TS-LL cisco memory Avl RFQ
CNGE2FE16MS comnet Avl RFQ
SIESISK9T-12252SE cisco memory Avl RFQ
15216-CS-4 cisco memory Avl RFQ
712495-B21 hewlett packard Avl RFQ
3CR17341-91-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
DCS-7050T-52 arista networks Avl RFQ
15602 extreme networks Avl RFQ
J9064A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
DCS-7300X-64T-LC arista networks Avl RFQ
15123 extreme networks Avl RFQ
3C16988A-IM brocade imbuyback Avl RFQ
AT-X210-9GT-10 allied telesis Avl RFQ
3C17304-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
LIC-FIX-3-V arista networks Avl RFQ
J9805A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
AT-9900FL3UPGRD-00 allied telesis Avl RFQ
852-32307 bb electronics Avl RFQ
3CRBSG5293-IM brocade imbuyback Avl RFQ
DCS-7304X-BND-D-R arista networks Avl RFQ
3C17706-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
3CR17343-91-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
3C16986A-IM brocade imbuyback Avl RFQ
852-16443 bb electronics Avl RFQ
SFP-10G-AOC2M-AO addon network upgrades Avl RFQ
3CR17171-91-IM brocade imbuyback Avl RFQ
852-32342 bb electronics Avl RFQ
852-16474 bb electronics Avl RFQ
3CR17771-91-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
WS-C3750E-24PD-S-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
FS-1024D fortinet mid and high end Avl RFQ
J9148A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
J8712A-ABA hewlett packard Avl RFQ
612614330 dell Avl RFQ
L-M9148S-PL12 cisco memory Avl RFQ
WS-C3750G-12S-SD-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
852-16444 bb electronics Avl RFQ
C4510RE-S8-UPOE cisco memory Avl RFQ
DCS-7250QX-64-R arista networks Avl RFQ
WS-C4006-S3-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
ME-3400E-24TS-M-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
CNFE8FX8US comnet Avl RFQ
IE-2000U-4TS-G cisco memory Avl RFQ
WS-C6K-NEBS-PAK cisco memory Avl RFQ
J9793A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
852-10074 bb electronics Avl RFQ
AT-9000-28POE-10 allied telesis Avl RFQ
WS-2960S-48LPD-L cisco memory Avl RFQ
CNGE4US comnet Avl RFQ
852-32343 bb electronics Avl RFQ
WS-C2960S-24TS-L cisco memory Avl RFQ
3C17206-IM brocade imbuyback Avl RFQ
DCS-7500E-12CM-LC arista networks Avl RFQ
852-32313 bb electronics Avl RFQ
DCS-7050S-52-F arista networks Avl RFQ
S340XAK9T-12254SE cisco memory Avl RFQ
852-16450 bb electronics Avl RFQ
FS-324B-POE-G fortinet mid and high end Avl RFQ
M9200FMS1K9 cisco memory Avl RFQ
DCS-7304X-BND-D-F arista networks Avl RFQ
DCS-7050Q-16-D arista networks Avl RFQ
DCS-7250QX-64-F arista networks Avl RFQ
N6001P-6FEX-10G cisco memory Avl RFQ
IE-2000-4TS-L cisco memory Avl RFQ
ESM316T002R everfocus electronics co Avl RFQ
3C17300-IM brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
DCS-7250QX-64-D arista networks Avl RFQ
SVC-7050SD-64-3Y-SW arista networks Avl RFQ
FAN-7100-F arista networks Avl RFQ
EIR418-2SFP-T bb electronics Avl RFQ
J9576A-ABA hewlett packard Avl RFQ
AT-9424T-POE-10 allied telesis Avl RFQ
IE-2000U-8TC-G cisco memory Avl RFQ
J8993A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
852-32318 bb electronics Avl RFQ
WS-C3550-24-EMI-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
WS-C3650-48FQ-E cisco memory Avl RFQ
N2K-C2232TR-E cisco memory Avl RFQ
DCS-7150S-64-CL arista networks Avl RFQ
L-C3560X-24-L-S cisco memory Avl RFQ
J4903A brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
N5K-C5596UP-FA-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
852-16442 bb electronics Avl RFQ
15123T extreme networks Avl RFQ
SR24 amer networks Avl RFQ
DELL-QUOTE-681021920 dell Avl RFQ
WS-X6148-21AF-IM cisco memory Avl RFQ
J9783A hewlett packard Avl RFQ
FESX624HF2XGPREM6DC brocade communication systems Avl RFQ
DCS-7504E-FM arista networks Avl RFQ
MDS-9506-V2 emc corporation Avl RFQ
SRW2024-K9-JP cisco memory Avl RFQ
AT-X600-48TS-60 allied telesis Avl RFQ
DCS-7050QX-32 arista networks Avl RFQ
WS-C3750G-12S-SD cisco memory Avl RFQ
WS-C4948E-S-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
N9K-C9300-FAN2-B cisco memory Avl RFQ
WS-C2948G-GE-TX-RF cisco memory Avl RFQ
CNFE8TX8US comnet Avl RFQ

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